Soffit and Fascia Cleaning Ballymena

Why use a Water Fed Pole?

Have you struggled on ladders to clean your soffits and fascias? Don’t struggle anymore! Hawkins Window Cleaning also offer safe, thorough soffit and fascia cleaning Ballymena and County Antrim.

Using our pure water fed pole system, we can thoroughly clean the outside of gutters, fascias and even cladding. We use our specially designed brushes so your PVC won’t be scratched and we don’t use any chemicals, meaning the clean is safer for the environment too.

Soffit and Fascia Cleaning Ballymena
What to expect

The water fed poles can reach dizzying heights, so you don’t have to! Most of the work can be carried out from the safety of the ground, meaning less risk to your property too.

With the use of pure water and no chemicals in our system, your gutters and fascias are left sparkling. The more regularly they are cleaned in this way, the longer your property stays looking fresh.


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"Dominic did a very thorough job on our windows and his prices are very reasonable too."
Kyle McBurney

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